- Perilhac with Desireless, and Les Forbans.
- Concert in Deux Mondes in Limoges.

- Perilhac with Images, Julie Pietri, Boris.
- First part of Jo Sony, Sebastien Farge, Pascal Terrible and many other artists.


- TV as France 3 Limousin Poitou Charentes.
- Perilhac with Alliage and Stone & Charden.
- Concert at Sainte Fortunade, first part of Gold and Stone & Charden.
- Concert in Castel-Novel in Brives, for International Congress of medicine.
- Concert at Couzeix.
- Concert at Ensil in Limoges.
- Show in Limoges with Alliage.
- Concert in Saint Panthaléon de Larche with Tristan Boccara and Alliage.


- Concert in Perilhac with ADM, Gerard Blanc and Michel Delpech.
- Concert in Plau with Bertignac.
- Show in Saint Maurice les Brousses.
- Espace Noriac with Lulu Borgia.
- Centre Culturel of Ussel with Pierre Fourgeaud.
- Telethon.
- Creation of the musics for the Philippe Verjnolle's film: "Regarde-moi, c'est ma vie" - 11 titles as We'll find the way.


- Presenter of a show in Jean Gagnant of Limoges.
- Show in Couzeix with Les Thunderforce.
- Show in Khedive in Limoges.
- Perilhac, with Lois Andreas, François Valery, Thierry Pastor.
- Unplugged show, guitar and voice with new songs in Paladium.
- Show in Saint Maurice les Brousses. She won the Public Price.
- Show with Amnesy. They sang together the song Knocking on heaven's door.
- Concert for Telethon.
- Invited and presented the Macumba's staff in Limoges.
- Show in Soleil in Razes.

- Show with Amnesy in La Cigale in Limoges.
- Show with Côte Sud in L'Irlandais in Limoges.
- Show with her news songs in Panazol.
- Interview with Sylvie Cler on Radio France Limoges.
- Interview on Beaub FM.
- Show at Melodie en Sous-Sol.
- Concert with Emile et Image in Saint Panthaleon de Larche.
- Show in La Cigale in Limoges.
- She won the National Music Tour autor, music writer's price at Grange aux Loup in Brives.
- Show in Perilhac with Jane Fostin and Herbert Leonard.
- Show with Amnesy in Phenix in Limoges.
- Casting: "Débroussaillons l'Expression" in Saint Maurice les Brousses.
- Show with Amnesy in Bon Roi Dagobert in Limoges.


- French festival of music, Place de la Clautre in Perigueux (show: 2 hours).
- President of the Jury for a casting of young singers, Place de la Motte in Limoges (+ show).
- Interview in radio France Bleu Limousin with Sylvie Cler.
- Recording of an interview with Diane Bridgland on Radio France Bleu Limousin.
- Show with Christophe Coineau band.


- Interview with Sylvie Cler on Radio France Bleu Limousin.
- Show in Khedive in Limoges.
- Show with Christophe Coineau Band.
- French festival of music in Perigueux with Les Shakers, Place de la Clautre (show: 2 hours)
- Preparation, recording, give a helping hand to Christophe Coineau new CD.
- Her webmaster Johann Vitasse and her create her website http://emmagoldberg.fr.st (fan club, radios, shows...all about Emma Goldberg).
- Her website is born (november).


- Concert on line on Emma Goldberg's website.
- TV: France 3 Limousin presenting Emma Goldberg's website.
- Interviews + Concert in Petit Montmartre in Limoges with Jean Michel Morange on Flash FM.
- Interviews on France Bleu Limousin with Marie-Ange.
- Show at the Bibliothèque at Limoges (piano , violin , voice).
- Show at the Piste aux Etoiles at Limoges.
- The song of the month on the website "tous-musiciens.com".
- Writing of the album of Christophe Coineau on musics of Sebastien Farge, world champion 1993 of accordion.
- Interview and show on "Basket" at the Bibliothèque at LIMOGES with the radio speaker Jean-Michel Morange.
- Showroom and show of the video of Christophe Coineau, filmed in spring.
- Filming recording of the interview on the tv channel FRANCE 3 with THE Tv speaker Allison Bell.
- Interview on Beaub FM.
- Recording of the interview "Si on chantait" with the staff of "MCT Prod" on the radio "Flash FM".


- Film in which Emma has a little role, plays the actress, film of Julien Boustany Au sang qui coule sans s'en rendre compte.
- Interview on the webradio "artist first . com" with the radio speaker Scott Z.
- Show at the Palais des Expos at Limoges with Joël Barret.


- Show with the french band Angkor for the association "France-Ukraine".