Emma Goldberg began at 8, in the National Music school of Tulle, till 12 learning accordion. 12, she began making her songs with keyboards and piano in a private music school. March 1987, her first appearing with the music school on the TV France 3 Limousin Poitou-Charente. 1989 to 1993, she played the actor till 16. After she played the guitar. 1994, she's singer in Limoges band. July 1994, appearing in shows with Didier Romain. 1993 to 1995, contact with Michel Bruzat & Dominique Desmonds of the Conservatoire de Limoges ; she took lessons and played. Emma met Joy Riders band, they made improvisations. July 7th to 16th, 1994, festival of french songs in Poland : Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. August 1994, she sang in Truffe d'Argent in Périgueux.

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