Emma and all her staff try to help children who suffer and need some help.We will tell you all the actions and shows done for the children.

Emma Goldberg and Anthony' Action
"Anthony, 7 years old, need very expensive treatment, he spends his life at the hospital. My musicians and I make some shows to help this child and his family.
We need some help for Anthony's fight. We're contributing and fighting with the association "Coeur d'Ange" sponsored by the football player Jean-Pierre Papin, his daughter has the same illness.
Thank you helping anthony in his life's fight.
Kisses from Emma."
If you want to help us, you can contact and make some gift to:
  Mr & Mme Ekwalla Toubet Georges
17 Rue Bobby Lapointe - 87280 Limoges

05 87 00 10 18

Association COEUR D'ANGE - Jacky Paillard
15, Gare des Bardys - 87480 Saint Priest-Taurion
06 74 48 01 97

Association "Soleil pour Tous" (Sun For All)
Association "Soleil Pour Tous" (Sun For All) aims to propose to the children as from 3 years, with the teenagers and adults having a physical, mental or sensory handicap, an access to the leisures and the culture. Qualified people bring an accompaniment personalized in activities of leisures, adapted to the various types of handicap and the requests of the families. These interventions are based on the principle of integration in ordinary medium in order to break insulation and of recreating the social bond. The objective is to allow the blooming of the person, to develop her potentialities, her autonomy, to be recognized like a person with whole share and thus to give him her place in the company.
Currently, the sphere of activity of association is located on Toulouse and its periphery.
Association Soleil Pour Tous
5, rue Emile Lécrivain - 31400 Toulouse
05 61 54 11 61

Echanges Limousin-Ukraine
Emma will make some concert in 2005 for Fédération "Échanges Limousin Ukraine" for the children of orphan's home in Ukraine.
We will tell you the days of the shows in the newsletter and the forum.
Association Echanges Limousin Ukraine
35, rue Jean Moulin - 87570 Rilhac-Rancon - 05 55 36 74 90

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